Global Shapers: Shaping the Globe One Shaper at a Time

KarlamirandaIt took me three years to finally figure out that the Global Shaper Program was more about presenting an ENERGY than a patent or brilliant new idea! A playful video that wittingly connected the essential elements of growing organic food (my talent!) as the essential drivers for organic growth was my entry, a veeeery late night submittal into some Arcadian cyber portal. I had no expectation of selection because of my previous attempts, but was secretly hoping that I’d get the opportunity to experience all of this “Arcadis” I was apparently part of but had never yet felt. I went back to my job, my life, my cube and my garden. A month later, that energy came whizzing back through a daily email sent by our then Operations Leader, announcing my selection and her congratulations on behalf of our Remediation Team. I was on fire and so grateful! Despite a growing excitement, I had no idea the breadth, the growth, the exposure and experience to come…


Shelter mission to Nepal

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-18 om 12.06.04The regional UN-Habitat office asked the Shelter program for immediate support on program management for post-disaster redevelopment in Nepal. Radboud Buitenrust Hettema (Nepali speaking program manager with a water background) and Shelter program manager Bert Smolders traveled to Nepal arriving Tuesday July 7 to work with the local UN-Habitat team in Kathmandu. This was a reconnaissance mission which enabled them to locally obtain more information on the requirements and more input for a later Shelter mission by the end of August where more staff members will be involved.



…But have you heard of City Shapers?

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-13 om 07.02.31A sister program to ARCADIS Global Shapers—City Shapers are young ARCADIANS eager to problem solve, volunteer, network, and have fun. With the mission of bringing the energy of Global Shapers into our cities, there are now City Shapers groups in Amsterdam, New York, and Chicago.

City Shapers started in The Netherlands as a year-round program with The Young Part (all young Dutch Arcadians), aimed at problem solving. They conducted 3 successful workshops, open to everyone.


Cracking-the-Safe: dubious activity or the route to Global Shapers?

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-04 om 16.55.41

CLICK! Another turn… CLICK… one more… CLICK!! THAT’S IT!! I’M IN!!… Or something along those lines anyway! Crack-the-safe; the crazy, addictive, exciting, frustrating and challenging introduction to Global Shapers 2015. My name is Jerome Roberts, and I was one of the fastest safe crackers in ARCADIS – I wonder if this should go on my corporate CV? Or will it make some clients, like banks, nervous? In any case, safe-cracking skills resulted in me being lucky enough to secure the Golden Ticket and a place on the prestigious ARCADIS Global Shapers program along with 99 other very talented Arcadians. So what happened? What events led us to this point where I am writing this blog post and (hopefully) you are reading it?


Global Shapers: Generation 2015 – Always be ready

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-29 om 14.23.19‘You have been selected for Global Shaper 2015!’

When I opened my email, I could hardly believe that I was selected as one of the Global Shapers 2015, among hundreds of excellent applicants. It was incredibly exciting news which was also the best birthday gift to me!


The first Global Shapers: Generation 2015 experiences

IMG_5707WHY CAN’T I WORK THIS OUT?! That was my reaction while trying to crack the code that kicked off the application process for Global Shapers: Generation 2015. It was clear after a while that I wasn’t going to be a Golden Ticket winner and I’d have to be content with waiting until the official application period opened on June 1.


Global Shapers: Astonishing and Exceptional

Hologram Video SnapshotARCADIS Global Shapers, as how generally perceived it, is an opportunity to gain knowledge, personally develop, share experiences and create a global network. But what’s really fascinating about the program is that these chunks of learnings and experience can already be gained as early as the application period starts. Realizing this while doing my application, my desire to become part of the Global Shapers program elevated.


Learning Best Practices at Harvard University

My name iImage 1s Angelica Ferra, and I am honored to write an entry for the Global Shapers blog. I am a Project Assistant on a PMCM project at Harvard University, through the ARCADIS-US operating company.

My role resides on the Owner’s Representative Project Management team for the new Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center. This project marks a historic point in Harvard University’s long history. Currently the campus has no university wide campus center and with this project, Harvard will help create “One Harvard.” Working with Harvard has exposed me to wonderful experiences, such as being included within the Harvard culture and learning alongside some of the best Project Managers.