New and different flavors

FriederikeMüllerA couple of months ago, I started at ARCADIS in Darmstadt, Germany, and I would like to share with you how I experienced my first months with ARCADIS.

Following the graduation from college with a master’s degree this was  my first job and like everyone can imagine I was fairly nervous before my first day at work. But all my nervousness was quickly taken away by my colleagues who have been very kind and helpful. From the beginning I felt welcome and accepted at work. Our department is involved in projects in the water as well as in the infrastructure sector so we have a lot of diverse projects what makes working very interesting and challenging. That’s important for me because I love being introduced to new and different flavors of my profession and having the opportunity to obtain new knowledge.


Alison on Shelter mission to Rwanda – part 3


Did you read the other two blogs Alison wrote about her preparations and the mission? Read her final blog below about how she experienced the mission and what she learned!

Returning from any trip, the first question that people usually ask me is, “What was the best part about your trip?”  What an impossible question!  Every travel experience that I have had is unique, based on the people who I am traveling with, the interactions with the local people, the purpose of the trip, and even the weather! But, to appease those who ask the impossible question, for my journey to Rwanda, the best part of my trip (and I must give two) was the interactions with the people and the overall beauty of Rwanda.


Alison on Shelter Mission to Rwanda – part 2

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTwo weeks ago, the first blog by Alison was published in which she explained about her preparations for the Shelter mission to Rwanda. Do you want to read more about what the Shelter team did during the mission? Read the second part below!

The main focus of the Shelter Mission to Rwanda revolved around urban planning. In particular how to build in areas that are complex due to natural constraints, like steep hills and water (wetlands). My contribution to the Shelter team was to provide expertise on water and the environment.  Our mission was part of a series of modules that focus on various aspects of urban planning. The main goals of our mission were to:


Teamwork: different talents, accents and humor

YotiThe Global Shapers program started with a kick-off call on July 8, with 100 Global Shapers! The first part of the program takes place virtually and consists of three phases. In every phase, Global Shapers work on specific assignments in an international team of 6 or 7 members. Last Sunday, July 27, was the first deadline. Linde Raport (ARCADIS Belgium, team 3) already shared her first impressions and so will Yoti Huang (RTKL, team 4)!

‘One month after connecting via social media, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to know an international group of people with talents, passion and humor. My teammates of team 4 are Josine, Libby, Kiyomi, Huong and Fabio. I cannot wait to meet them all in person in September during the face-to-face meeting!