GS Experience Story #8: Developing yourself by learning from others

JohnAs a young professional, I am prone to think about my personal development. In most arenas, personal development is considered a personal endeavor and it is hard to know where to start or where to invest your own time. It can be a real challenge. When I found out that I was selected to be a Global Shaper (Generation 2012), I considered it not only as an adventure but as an opportunity for my personal development. However, any expectations about what I thought I was going to gain were shattered by my experience.

The Global Shaper’s program exploded my perceived limitations as a young professional and as a contributor to ARCADIS. Through the connections and new ideas I have acquired as a Global Shaper, I am much more confident in what I am capable in achieving, from a project and creativity perspective within ARCADIS. (more…)

From GS2012 to daily work

GiulianaIn 2012, the first year of the Global Shapers Program, 100 young Arcadians went to Paris to explore the potentials of the Y generation, including me. I still benefit from the program everyday and I would like to share my learning experience.

When the face-to-face meeting started and the organizing team asked us to volunteer to be team captains, I decided I wanted to have the most challenging experience I could possibly have and raised my hand.

I ended up being the only non-native English speaker girl who played the role of captain and I can tell you it wasn´t easy but it was absolutely worth every minute of it! Even though the members of the team could rotate and participate in other groups, my core team remained pretty much the same throughout the days and by the end of the program we were a family.


GS Experience Story #7: Can 5 days make a difference?

StoyanStarting this post here and now, having experienced Global Shapers 2013 and the thousands of different emotions that I went through since then, makes me think of the moment when I first saw the announcement about the Global Shapers program. Because the topic is personal development, I will try to put things into perspective starting at that point in time – the application, the point where you are now.

I had many questions on my mind before I joined and one of them was certainly – could this bring anything to my personal development? Could it change anything? Because wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you would usually see 1 to 3 possible development paths. And that’s it. Sometimes it’s even one. Sometimes, you’re not even the one making the decisions; you are just taken by the flow.

And then I read the information about the Global Shapers program. It’s just 5 days. What can 5 days change? Can 5 days make a difference?


John’s Shelter mission: Helping Haiti (2/2)

John2Previous month, John wrote about the Shelter Program and provided information on the situation in Haiti. He went on Shelter mission in 2012, please find his first blog here. In this blog he will explain more about the results and what you can expect from participating in such a mission.

Over 2 years of partnership and four trips, Jasper and I were able to provide assistance with short and long-term strategies in partnering with our local colleagues in Haiti. The long-term strategies focused on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), including reforestation, grazing and cutting regulations, institutional development, community awareness and participation. The short-term efforts primarily aimed at providing relief from flooding problems in the downstream communities and access to safe drinking water. (more…)

Global Shapers: Generation 2014 – Prepare for your application!

Upcoming May 16, the application period for Global Shapers: Generation 2014 will start. It’s possible to apply until June 1, 2014. The Global Shapers program is developed especially for young professionals to catch their energy and to stimulate the power of the new generation. The program is about learning through working together in an international group, in both a virtual and a face-to-face phase.

Would you like to apply for Global Shapers 2014? Good news: you don’t have to wait with the preparations until May 16! As of today it is possible to prepare yourself by joining Sherlock Secrets on the Global Shapers Yammer network. 

Sherlock Secrets enables you to find up to 5 clues related to the application challenge. These clues are spread among 8 Global Shapers from Generation 2012 & 2013; the Sherlock Shapers. If you find a Sherlock Shaper, he or she will give you the opportunity to unlock their clue by completing a task. All clues will prepare you for the application phase.

But that’s not all: if you are among the first 5 Global Shapers who unlock all clues, you have a chance to win a wild card. With this wild card you’re directly selected for Global Shapers 2014: there is no further need to apply for the program! Global Shapers: Generation 2014, do you want to be part of something big? Join us on Global Shapers Yammer, Facebook and Twitter!

GS Experience Story #6: Feeling at home in Hong Kong

SruthyHave you ever worked with 100 different people from 100 different places?
Non-native speakers, do you want to shed your fears?
Native speakers, do you want to step out of your comfort zone?
Do you want to know more about ARCADIS?
Have you ever had so much fun working that you never wanted to go home?

ARCADIS Global Shapers is a platform for all that and more!

In July 2013, when ARCADIS announced the selected participants for Global Shapers, little did I know what was in store for me. We were divided in teams of 7 with a mentor for each team and with set tasks and virtual challenges distributed to all. To our surprise each person in the team was from a different country, spoke a different language and had a different field of professional experience.