Global Shapers: Generation 2015 – Always be ready

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-29 om 14.23.19‘You have been selected for Global Shaper 2015!’

When I opened my email, I could hardly believe that I was selected as one of the Global Shapers 2015, among hundreds of excellent applicants. It was incredibly exciting news which was also the best birthday gift to me!


The first Global Shapers: Generation 2015 experiences

IMG_5707WHY CAN’T I WORK THIS OUT?! That was my reaction while trying to crack the code that kicked off the application process for Global Shapers: Generation 2015. It was clear after a while that I wasn’t going to be a Golden Ticket winner and I’d have to be content with waiting until the official application period opened on June 1.


Global Shapers: Astonishing and Exceptional

Hologram Video SnapshotARCADIS Global Shapers, as how generally perceived it, is an opportunity to gain knowledge, personally develop, share experiences and create a global network. But what’s really fascinating about the program is that these chunks of learnings and experience can already be gained as early as the application period starts. Realizing this while doing my application, my desire to become part of the Global Shapers program elevated.


Learning Best Practices at Harvard University

My name iImage 1s Angelica Ferra, and I am honored to write an entry for the Global Shapers blog. I am a Project Assistant on a PMCM project at Harvard University, through the ARCADIS-US operating company.

My role resides on the Owner’s Representative Project Management team for the new Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center. This project marks a historic point in Harvard University’s long history. Currently the campus has no university wide campus center and with this project, Harvard will help create “One Harvard.” Working with Harvard has exposed me to wonderful experiences, such as being included within the Harvard culture and learning alongside some of the best Project Managers.


Selection Global Shapers: Generation 2015

Thank you for applying for Global Shapers: Generation 2015. These last few weeks proved to be very exciting. In total 413 amazing applications were submitted. Yammer, Twitter and our Facebook page exploded! Thanks for sharing your excitement about Global Shapers: Generation 2015!


Global Shapers brings out the best in you

Starting Collaboration in our trip to St. LouisMy experience of Global Shapers: Generation 2014 (GS 2014), was incredibly awesome. The fact that you get to know 99 other young professionals that are just like you, with similar questions and concerns, is great. For me, the experience transported me back to graduate school, where you are exposed to so many people from different nationalities, going through the similar emotions, and you start connecting with each other, learning from each other, and wanting to know more about each other. It is a fascinating growing experience.


The final 10 nominees for the Application Battle now online!

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-26 om 16.08.02In the past week the 10 nominees for the Application Battle have been posted online. From each region the best application was chosen. Here you can view the best video’s and pdf files.

The author of the published application is directly selected for the program and has a chance of winning this year’s Application Battle!