The ripple effect – GS reunions in London & the Netherlands

 GSECHThe ripple-effect of Global Shapers 2014 was not just an illusion. After the success of the face-to-face meeting in Chicago this summer (end September 2014) we started making group chats on Whatsapp and Telegram, where all kinds of topics are shared and discussed, such as having fun with local colleagues and friends, or typical local culture habits (remember the debate on ‘Black Pete’), or more work related discussions (generation challenges, commitment and fields of expertise). We also started the monthly ‘Connection Calls’ – a poule of virtual team calls with changing members and topics. But maybe more important, we started visiting each other, face-to-face. The ripple-effect became physical.

Our English colleagues invited the Dutch to visit their office in London to celebrate an English-Dutch Global Shapers reunion. Of course we couldn’t refuse this offer, most of us immediately saw this as an opportunity to meet other people at the HQ of EC Harris. People within our company who we have been working with or of whom we know have specific expertise, but never got to see before. It was also the chance to meet new people at the RTKL office in London. So the visit wasn’t just fun but also became very useful to all of us!


Asset Hound: Tech savvy, smart and unique to ARCADIS

Kristen AndreMy name is Kristen Andre, and I am an entry-level water resources engineer working for the water division of ARCADIS-US in Tampa, Florida. I am thrilled to be writing an entry for the Global Shapers blog and share my experiences. I will tell you more about a project I worked on, and especially about an app created by ARCADIS which I use a lot.

Risk assessment project

I am currently working for a city in South Carolina. Scott Lehman (Tampa, FL), Christina Anderson (Charleston, SC), Vanessa Negron (Tampa, FL), and I spent four days collecting data for the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our objective was to create an inventory of assets and perform a physical condition assessment of the assets. We used the app Asset Hound to record asset information (make, model, serial #, etc.), collect pictures of each asset, and assign physical condition scores based on the state of repair and operation of the asset.


Shelter mission to Manila

Shelter1Global Shaper Stephan Casimiro (Generation 2014) joined the Shelter mission to Manila from November 17 – 21, 2014. Stephan and his fellow ARCADIS colleagues engaged in workshops and seminars with regional and international experts from the United Nations and the planning authorities of five Philippine cities. Josh MacPhee (RTKL) shares his experiences on these workshops in this blog. 

Over the course of several intense days of lectures, workshops and collaboration the group made positive progress resulting in promising developments in each cities development control proposals by the end of the week. In addition to myself providing urban design support I was joined by fellow Arcadian Alex Velzeboer from ARCADIS Netherlands who provided water management support and Bert Smolders as programme leader. We were also joined by a strong local ARCADIS team from Manila including Lea Joy Bacudo of Hyder and Mary Joyce Areola, Eunice Maningas and Stephan Casimiro (Global Shaper 2014) of Langdon & Seah. As a result, the workshop had the added benefit of building stronger relationships with fellow Arcadians in multiple disciplines across the globe.


Sharing the Global Shapers Experience!

YvonneConijnAfter the amazing experience of Global Shapers, the virtual phase and the Face-to-Face meeting in Chicago many of us stayed a couple of days in Chicago to explore the city and some even expanded their trip to a real holiday. It was so much fun to explore the city with about 70 of us and get to know all the Global Shapers. The whole experience had made a deep impact on me. It is amazing to see how so many people from different countries and cultures and with different languages can work together and you just forget about all the differences and barriers.

When I was back at home, the experience of GS2014 kicked in and I became to realize what we had done in these days and what a great output we created. So back home and at work all my friends, family and colleagues were curious about my trip to the US and I was eager to tell them all about Global Shapers and the great outcomes. Because we did so much in such a short time, my story came out a bit chaotic but the energy we felt during the program was easy to share.