Learn to do what you love.. (1/2)

Husna2Husna Lathifunnisa works at Langdon & Seah (an ARCADIS company) as a quantity surveyor. In this blog, she tells a bit more about what it’s like being a quantity surveyor.

Quantity surveying is a new developing profession in Indonesia. It is taking an important role in construction, being the expert on constructions’ financial and legal matters. Nowadays, construction business in Indonesia is a hot business. Developers are competing to build shopping centers, apartments, hotels and many other development projects. Contractors are loaded with offers, tenders, and construction work from the developers. Thus, quantity surveyors are very much needed, not only in consultancy companies, but also in developer and contractor companies in Indonesia.

GS Experience Story #9: Do you want to be heard?

rodrigoGen Y? Before Global Shapers, I had no idea that me, my friends and, in general, my whole generation was labeled as “Gen Y”… I didn’t even know that generations were labeled! Call me ignorant, but at least I’m being honest.

So, what’s the big deal of being called Gen Y or “Millennials”? Well, it seems that you and me, and all the Millenial fellows, have things in common. For instance, we are hungry for new technology, we are good team players and with all the social media around us, it looks like we are good communicators and even more creative. ARCADIS knows this and would like to take advantage of it. The big bosses realized we can do stuff they can’t, we can bring new ideas to the table and make the company friendlier to its employees and clients at the same time.


ARCADIS Shelter: Mission in the Philippines

ClaudiaShelterThe ARCADIS Shelter team went on a follow-up mission to the Philippines in February 2014. Cláudia Vieira, Global Shapers: Generation 2012, from ARCADIS Logos Brazil, was one of the team members. This Storify gives a quick overview of the social media attention for the mission.