Finding a solution for marine litter


Lately, there is much to do about marine litter. Well written articles about the “Pacific Garbage Patch” drew global attention to the subject. With this blog I would like to nuance the public interpretation of litter islands, tell about my work on marine litter as a marine ecologist and draw attention to the need to reduce the input of marine litter. In my opinion a reduction of marine litter is in line with the mission of ARCADIS to improve the living environment with sustainable solutions. When young professionals are aware of the challenges regarding marine litter, they can use the knowledge in their projects, share experiences and work towards solutions!


Twelve hours of time difference & great teamwork

pamela TGlobal Shapers is all about global collaboration and one of the workflows during the face-to-face meeting even focused on tips for global collaboration. Pamela Rosa Tancredi (GS2014) shares some of her tips, also based on the virtual phase of Global Shapers. Do you already know what works when participating in a virtual team?

‘I was invited to write about the challenges when working online and in an international group. I decided to share my experiences  with you during the last months, after the annunciation of the 100 Global Shapers 2014.

When I saw my name on the list, I immediately felt a mix of emotions! I felt so excited and happy to have this opportunity to work together with other young Arcadians and to travel to another country. I really felt good emotions. But, I felt a lot pressure as well, because, I really needed to improve my English! I already studied English two times per week, but I am not a native speaker. I needed to know that my colleagues would understand me and that I could express my ideas clearly.



AGLFGS1The face-to-face meetings of Global Shapers and the ARCADIS Global Leadership Forum (AGLF) were amazing experiences for the participants. How will they make sure to take home the lessons learned and implement them in their daily work? Eugene Seah (Langdon & Seah, Singapore) was inspired and used a coaching technique to convert the inspiration and experiences of the meetings into a poem. Writing it down is his manner of remembering important lessons learned: “It will remind me of the passion, environment and moment I was in, being in the moment, in Chicago.” Read his poem below. Do you have your own ways to remember inspiring moments and lessons learned?


And now, the start is near;
and the ARCADIS way, needs some mention
My friend, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.


Global Shapers Day 4 & 5 – The Finals

 photo5The final day approached, all hours were being worked and lines were being practiced. ‘The Finals’ workflow members were in their stride, with rehearsal after rehearsal and preparations for the next day’s events you could see why we are the best in what we do! The dedication and commitment was incredible. This was an experience we wanted to ensure the AGLF members would never forget. As well as the rehearsals, this was for many the last night in Chicago, and therefore it was spend in style with an incredible architectural boat tour on Lake Michigan, viewing the spectacular Chicago skyline at night with the most enthusiastic and passionate (he could have been a Global Shaper himself!) tour guide, even the native English speakers struggled to keep up with!

The morning after the night before it was 6.30am and The Finals were here! All the hard work that had been done in the last 4 days had led to this moment. You could feel the excitement and the anxiety in the air as 7.00am approached and the first AGLF members walked through the doors and the experience began. With Sally leading the way we couldn’t begin the day without getting as many selfies with the AGLF members as possible!


GS2014: The Aftermovie

The Global Shapers face-to-face meeting in Chicago was a huge success: from September 27 till October 1, 100 Global Shapers collaborated to create an impact and present their results to 150 senior leaders within ARCADIS. Are you curious what happened during these 5 days? The branding team recorded a lot: from sport sessions in the morning to working till very late in the evening. Watch the video below and get a hint of the energy and atmosphere during the face-to-face meeting!

A special thanks goes to Team Yellow (the branding team) who made this video!