Organizing Global Shapers: Generation 2015 – a truly rewarding journey

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-23 om 16.50.37As the organizing team we really enjoy reading all the blog posts Global Shapers submit. Today, for once we take over the blog and reflect on Global Shapers: Generation 2015 from an organizing team perspective.


#UrbanSolutionChallenge: Our cities, our future

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-12 om 17.22.48On Wednesday October 28; Arcadians from 13 big urban cities around the globe were invited to brainstorm on ideas for the future of the cities they live in. The Arcadians have been challenged to come up with innovative ideas & solutions for the question that matters to millions on a daily basis; how to create livable, safe, resilient and sustainable future cities?


Global Shapers is not about Arcadis, it’s about me and you.

image1Global Shapers is not about Arcadis, it’s about me and you. This might be controversial but this is my honest opinion. Let me prove to you how I came to this conclusion by sharing with you, my key learnings from the program.


Hello stranger! My GS2015 experience

NaamloosWhile most of my fellow shapers were already traveling half of the world on Friday, my journey to The Netherlands started Saturday morning in the train station of Sint-Niklaas. I took the train to Antwerp were I met my Belgian colleague Alois and we travelled flawlessly and smoothly together to Ede. Once we arrived in the station of the one and only Ede, metropolis of Gelderland, it wasn’t very surprising that we recognized the other Shapers immediately. Basically everyone who carried a suitcase and who spoke English, was a Shaper. Let the socializing begin!


Global Shapers – One of the most amazing opportunities I have ever been given

IMG_1379Caroline Fischer joined Global Shapers: Generation 2015. In this blog she reflects on the Arcadis Global Shapers experience. Read more about her journey below: 

I’m back in the US after my Globalshapers trip to the Netherlands. What a trip! After working for 3 months with our virtual work teams, group ambassadors, and AGLF buddies it was great to finally meet all Global Shapers in person!


Losing my voice and finding gold

Alexandra Cadiz (CallisonRTKL) Joined Global Shapers: Generation 2015. She was a ‘Workflow Captain’ of the workflow The GS Show. This means that she had the lead in creating and organizing the event in which the Global Shapers connected with the Arcadis Global Leadership Forum participants (Top 150 senior leaders) on October 6 in Rotterdam. Find the aftermovie of this event here

Read more about her experiences during the face-to-face program below. 

K29A6051We all had a little trouble waking up Wednesday October 7, the morning after the Global Shapers an Arcadis Global Leadership Forum (AGLF) event. I for one, had no voice left. I had given every ounce of my energy to planning and executing the event in which the Global Shapers and AGLF participants connected.  I completely lost my voice and barely made it out of bed for our final closing session. And all I had to drink that night was water, I swear!


Visual Diary of Global Shapers – Generation 2015


The face-to-face program of Global Shapers – Generation 2015 has been a great succes. In the coming months you will find lots of experience blogs from the Global Shapers on this page. Stay tuned! For today we’d like to share a visual overview of our days in the Netherlands.


G is for Guess Who?


One of the main goals of the F2F during Global Shapers 2015 is to make new connections; connections with fellow Shapers from across the globe.

We decided to put our Global Shapers to the test and find out how well they know each other. We asked them how many of the following faces they could identify; the results were both impressive and hilarious!