A challenge it was!

LindeThe Global Shapers program started with a kick-off call on July 8, including the 100 Global Shapers! The first part of the program takes place virtually and consists of three phases. In every phase, they work on specific assignments in an international team of 6 or 7 Global Shapers. Last Sunday, July 27, was the first deadline. Linde Raport (ARCADIS Belgium) shares her impressions and experiences about the first phase!

‘The time had come: The first assignment for Team 3!

I was appointed to launch the first meeting and chose to organise it via our Yammer group. Immediately, it was clear for me that Team 3 is a very diverse team and includes some very enthusiastic members, while it seems hard for others to find their way to the Yammer Group. Still, I feel very good vibes within my team! After some holiday breaks, we were very near to the submission deadline. Some stress was felt by some of the team members.


Alison on Shelter Mission to Rwanda – part 1

AS_ShelterAs I sit in my cubicle in Syracuse, NY in early July, 2014, I reflect back over the past two months and am amazed at the experiences I have had. Miraculously I am still taking Malaria medication into the third week after my return from Rwanda – a part of the Shelter experience that still lingers with me, in addition to vivid memories, experiences, knowledge, and hundreds of pictures that came back to the USA with me.

I knew very little about the Shelter program before my journey to Rwanda as part of the Shelter team. I had heard about Shelter through the Source and Yammer, mainly reading blogs about the Philippines mission after the typhoon. Being interested in international experiences, I knew that I wanted to get involved in this unique opportunity, but I was not sure how or if I was even qualified.


Storify: ARCADIS Shelter: Mission to Rwanda

10500505_660670710669005_3236764957456800347_nLast month (June 2014) a team of ARCADIS colleagues joined an international mission to Rwanda together with UN-Habitat to support rapid urbanization. The mission was about ‘Improving the planning methodology for Rwanda intermediate cities’ in the cities Huye (Butare) and Kigali.


Emeliz joined a Quest to The Netherlands – part 2

emeliz3Emeliz Torres joined a Quest to the Netherlands to expand her knowledge related to river basin management, flood control and coastal development. Read the first blog about her experience here and the second blog below. She also wrote a blog about the preparations, read it here.

Quest day 3

On the third day I met Sietse Stellinga, Project Manager of Permit Strategy, he gave me a brief summary of all the required permits that they have to get for the Juliana River project.  He also show me an online program they created that has a list of all the required permits; the manager and the client have access to the list, and the system sends an alert to the Permit Manager notifying the due date for the submittal of each permit.