Ready for the F2F challenges

Rafael CarvalhoBeing part of the Global Shapers has been an amazing experience for me and all members of team 12. Since the beginning of the virtual phase, an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and expectations have surrounded all of us, because it is a program in which we have worked with people from all over the world, with different cultures, histories and point of views.

The first barrier to overcome was the language. English is not my native language and it made me feel a little fearful in the occasions that I had to talk with my group. The fear vanished in the first meeting because everyone was very willing to help me and clarify my doubts when I did not understand some subject. Furthermore, there was always someone who made a summary of the meeting and of all the tasks that each one should develop for the next meeting. All the tools available were used to reduce the distance. We met often on Skype, exchanged many emails and created a group in Whatsapp, so we were constantly able to communicate, independent of time and place.


Connecting Germany and the US

TamaraInternational collaboration and speaking English is becoming more and more important in our daily work at ARCADIS. That’s why I was excited when I heard that the Global Shapers team found an English Buddy for me and connected us.

The English Buddy System gives non-native English Arcadians the opportunity to practice their English skills. Every native- and non-native English speaking Global Shaper from the 2014 program could join and the Global Shapers team would help to connect them. As soon as the English Buddies were connected, it was totally up to the buddies how they practice, communicate, support each other and learn from each other.


Preparing for the F2F meeting of GS2014

Daniel AlvimIt was a Monday, June 23rd, in the morning. I was on vacation in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, and just getting ready to go to the National Stadium to watch a soccer game between Brazil and Cameroun for the FIFA World Cup. I was very excited and a little nervous because it was my first time to see the Brazilian team play live in a stadium, playing their 3rd match. All these feelings of excitement increased with a message from a friend of mine, telling me that I had been selected to  join the ARCADIS Global Shapers 2014 program.

I was very happy and excited with the news  to participate in a big ARCADIS event and also a bit nervous because of the language. The idea of speaking and being  understood in English can be terrifying for a non-native English speaker. My last contact with the English language was during my graduation, 3 and a half years ago, when I studied and did an exchange program in the USA. But, nowadays, in my everday routine I don´t use English very much.


Minimizing language barriers during GS2014

Wentao WangBeing part of a team with people from different countries, speaking different languages and with cultural backgrounds can be a challenge. When I joined my Global Shapers 2014 team, I felt a lot of pressure because of all the assignments we had to accomplish as a team. Especially since my team consists of 7 Global Shapers from 6 countries and with 5 mother tongues.

The language barrier was the first thing which came to my mind when we started. We scheduled the first video conference meeting right after the official kick-off announcement posted by the Global Shapers organization. Was I ready for the meeting? I would say I was a bit nervous but excited. I was worried that I couldn’t communicate with our team members efficiently. At the same time I was excited about the chance to collaborate with other team members to complete assignments and to target every deadline.