A whirlwind of travel, workshops and many ARCADIS offices around the world

JSIt was a little under a year ago that I stumbled across the job posting for “Performance Excellence Team Member”. The job was for a handful of young professionals within ARCADIS and from around the globe to support the beginning of the Performance Excellence program. Just reading the job description, I was overwhelmed with excitement and the potential for such a great opportunity.

After talking it over with my supervisor, mentors, and my family, I decided I needed to at least apply. After a few weeks and a few interviews, I was offered a position on the team! I had a mere 3 weeks to complete and delegate all of my current work before heading off for 10-12 weeks of travel.


InstAwards – Thanks for voting!

Insta3The winners of the InstAwards have all been announced on Instagram last week. Thanks a lot for voting! These Global Shapers won in their category:

  • Most exciting post: Stephen Casimiro 
  • Most engaging post: Tan Mei Chen (Jenny)
  • Most liked post: Thamy Cavassani 

Congratulations to Stephen, Jenny and Thamy!

The ‘GS@Work’ initiative continues in 2015, hopefully with as enthusiast reactions as from some of the 2014 participants who were nominated for an InstAward:

Thamy“The question it is not be popular, it is about sharing our culture and our daily work with as many Arcadians as possible. Gen Y + Brazilians (= myself) have this culture to share everything we do with family and friends. We think this action connects people to our life. This is Global Shapers for me: an international program connecting Arcadians through the world. The project GS@Work is a perfect tool to see how it works in our real life, behind the F2F meeting, behind mobiles or screens computers.” Thamy Cavassani (ARCADIS Logos Brazil)


Shelter Solomon Islands: A Brazilian Global Shaper Around the Globe

FernandoAs a recent Global Shaper, it was very satisfying to join the Shelter’s Mission on Solomon Islands. The ARCADIS team was composed by: Alex Velzeboer (Netherlands), the team leader and specialist in flood control and water management, José Henrique Lourenção (Brazil), specialist in urban planning and settlements upgrading, and myself, Fernando Leite (Brazil), sanitation specialist. Our objective was to provide technical assistance to UN-Habitat local consultants, Steve Likaveke and Donald Kudu, and to the climate resilience team from the University of Melbourne RMIT, Alexei Trundle (Australia) and Darryn McEvoy (Scotland).

The Solomon Islands is a country in the Oceania, consisting of a large number of islands. The capital is Honiara, located in Guadalcanal Island, the very location where the famous “Guadalcanal Battle” took place during the Second World War. Honiara is today the political, social and economic center within the country, hosting the parliament, an important hospital and the national university. Thus, it is not a surprise that the city has been and still is the destination of migratory movements since the last couple of decades. (more…)

The ripple effect – GS reunions in London & the Netherlands

 GSECHThe ripple-effect of Global Shapers 2014 was not just an illusion. After the success of the face-to-face meeting in Chicago this summer (end September 2014) we started making group chats on Whatsapp and Telegram, where all kinds of topics are shared and discussed, such as having fun with local colleagues and friends, or typical local culture habits (remember the debate on ‘Black Pete’), or more work related discussions (generation challenges, commitment and fields of expertise). We also started the monthly ‘Connection Calls’ – a poule of virtual team calls with changing members and topics. But maybe more important, we started visiting each other, face-to-face. The ripple-effect became physical.

Our English colleagues invited the Dutch to visit their office in London to celebrate an English-Dutch Global Shapers reunion. Of course we couldn’t refuse this offer, most of us immediately saw this as an opportunity to meet other people at the HQ of EC Harris. People within our company who we have been working with or of whom we know have specific expertise, but never got to see before. It was also the chance to meet new people at the RTKL office in London. So the visit wasn’t just fun but also became very useful to all of us!