WOW Wall Goes Global

WOW Wall

Curiosity lingered around the WOW wall at Loyola University, constantly begging me to take a little peek into my envelope. Patience has never been my strong suit, so it took nearly all my willpower to steer clear from the “Briana” envelope innocently hanging there next to all the other Global Shapers (no need to fret – no rules were broken!). The task at hand:

Size of GS team: 104

The Requirement: To write a minimum of 10 encouraging/appreciative messages to our fellow GSs.

The Objective: To create a medium that encourages team member appreciation and strengthens bonds between team members.


The Ripple Effect of Global Shapers

2013-10-10 13.21.26-1At about this time, two years ago, I was beginning to see emails mentioning the upcoming application period for the newly created Global Shapers Program. My managers and mentors didn’t have many details to share on what exactly people would be doing as Global Shapers, and no clear words as to how this program might be worthwhile in the long run, but they all enthusiastically encouraged me to pursue it. I did apply, and was so grateful to be a part of GS2013: Hong Kong and China!


Global Shapers 2014; Looking back to where I started

photo 2It was around mid-April of 2014 when our manager announced the opening for Global Shapers 2014. Only a few hands were raised (including mine) when asked who were interested to join. And then there was a big question in my mind – “Why? This is free! If not now, when? ” Global Shapers was an experience I envied my friend Harry (2013) when he participated in GS2013 that took place in Hong Kong and Macau. Right then and there, in between work and whatnots, I started collecting information about the program and did my part as an eager applicant. It was a shot I clearly didn’t want to miss. After a month of waiting, the list of 100 successful young professionals across the global ARCADIS network was finally released. I was literally jumping for joy! It was that week where I received good news from the company twice as I was also promoted. Everything came in perfect timing!