From waste to energy

Paulo3The demand for renewable energy sources is increasing worldwide, and Biogas is one of the clean sources that can be used to energy generation. In this way, I would like to share some designs that I have seen and participated since I started at ARCADIS logos, in May 2013.

The solid waste landfills generate gases from the biological decomposition. The gases generated are Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), varying in accordance to the waste composition.  For each ton of waste daily stored in the landfill from 100 to 120Nm³/h of Biogas are generated, and that can be converted into an amount of electric energy that goes from 200 to 220 KWh. It is also known that the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo produces around 18.000 tons of waste every day.


Exploring examples of global collaboration

photo (4)In the virtual phase of Global Shapers 2014, we discussed global collaboration. What does that really mean to us as a company that is striving to be recognized as the best? We explored our virtual tasks with the help of our fantastic AGLF team. We’ve been introduced to multiple examples of where ARCADIS uses global diversity and expert knowledge to push ourselves in what we do, creating optimum solutions for today’s challenges.

As Team 7 (Kamylla, Nicolas, Poonam, Talon, Rongrong and myself) we focused on a global event that is hugely personal to many people, the devastation of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, 2005. Katrina became the costliest natural disaster and one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the US, taking over 1,800 lives. ARCADIS US was hired by the US Army Corp of Engineers as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency to find a way of ensuring prevention from such future disaster in the region. By collaborating with  flood defence experts at ARCADIS Netherlands, ARCADIS was able to deliver ‘The best defences against hurricanes that the region has ever known’.


Virtual meetings and barking dogs

Pasfoto zwart witGlobal Shapers Generation 2014 finished the second phase of the virtual challenge. My team met during our third and fourth virtual meetings. Seven team members, seven AGLF participants (senior leaders), eleven time zones, mics not working, dogs barking, music playing…  It all made the meetings complicated but a lot more fun!


New and different flavors

FriederikeMüllerA couple of months ago, I started at ARCADIS in Darmstadt, Germany, and I would like to share with you how I experienced my first months with ARCADIS.

Following the graduation from college with a master’s degree this was  my first job and like everyone can imagine I was fairly nervous before my first day at work. But all my nervousness was quickly taken away by my colleagues who have been very kind and helpful. From the beginning I felt welcome and accepted at work. Our department is involved in projects in the water as well as in the infrastructure sector so we have a lot of diverse projects what makes working very interesting and challenging. That’s important for me because I love being introduced to new and different flavors of my profession and having the opportunity to obtain new knowledge.